Book Summary

The book Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos is a very well written novel that gives the reader a detailed understanding of one young mans travel through life.
This novel is narrated and told from the point of view of Jack Gantos. It starts out with a flashback on his prison life, and gives a brief overview of his life and daily routine in prison. It then goes on to tell of his current high school life with his family. He explains that he is rather spoiled with unlimited freedom, spending money, a fast car and a fake ID. He then talks about how often his family has moved because of his fathers construction business. During Jacks junior year his father took a construction job in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Because of complications with language and money it was decided that it would be best for Jack to work on the construction site his Dad was managing. This was where his life started to spiral out of control. Over the course of his time at the construction site and connection with past acquaintances Gantos got pulled in to alcohol and Marijuana. Because he wanted to be a writer he thought the marijuana would help him be more creative and get more material to write with so he continued to use. At the same time he wanted money to go to college for writing. Lucky for him, he was offered ten thousand dollars to sail a boat full of hash to New York. The rest of the book I will leave to you to read, it is full of anticipation and little twists and turns that will want to make you keep reading. 
Overall this is a great novel full of cliffhangers that will keep you hooked, but at the same time giving you incite on the human condition. I would recommend this book to those who like a biography style novel but at the same time like some action and suspense.

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